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  • Great experience! Very professional, and they take their time with explanations and options. They even ended up crediting my account because my dog recovered sooner than was expected. Couldn't give a more positive review! 👍👍

    May Avatar

    The doctors and specialists saved my dog’s life last year. Max will be 16 next month. The entire team of nurses and staff is amazing.

    Yvonne Avatar

    Joy went last night to emergency. She had a severe allergic reaction. Her face was swollen, eyes closed and had breathing difficulties. She received immediate treatment and slept through the night peacefully.Thanks to VCR Center she is back to normal.

    YANESA Avatar
  • Although it was quite expensive and in spite of the fact that I had to wait outside under the rain due to coronavirus precautions (although my dog was immediately taken inside), I was extremely satisfied with their professionalism when taking... read more

    Gloria Avatar

    I went like a month ago with my cat. They have an amazing staff and they took care of my pet nicely.

    John Avatar

    Had to take my dachshund in for treatment on a Sunday, after she received a dog bite. I was expecting an astronomical bill, as I have had experiences with emergency vets in the past. I was pleasantly surprised, I thought... read more

    Charles Avatar
  • Excellent service, very professional. Thank you a lot!

    margarita Avatar

    The service I was provided at Dr. Rosales' office was excellent! Due to the pandemic, I was unable to enter the office, so she examined by fur baby and explained every detail on the phone with me, while I... read more

    Maria Avatar

    Unfortunately I had to put down 2 of my fur baby’s due to old of age. They always comfort me in tough moments, and that’s in person they always show how caring they can be during these time of lost.... read more

    Maria Avatar
  • Forever greatful of their kindness ...compassion and professionalism. From moment we walked in (Yasmani you rock!!) we knew to be in best place for the care of our baby Cosmo *Maltese* They worked with us in every level and saved... read more

    Nikki Avatar

    We brought our 7 year old Boxer Theodore (Theo) in your be evaluated for a unique case for his age. Initially the presumptive diagnosis was probably a cancerous mass but my vet and I after much discussion decided to have... read more

    Michele Avatar

    We were extremely happy with Dr. Lin and her surgical team. She performed a splenectomy on our 10-year-old goldendoodle which was successful and curative thank goodness. Our vet sent us to Dr. Lin the day after she discovered a splenetic... read more

    Joanne Avatar
  • Recommended by my vet - dog (Charlie) needed major surgery - Dr. Lin did an amazing job, along with her assistant Marco, she answered my questions, showed deep concern for his wellbeing and answered my calls and questions. Charlie... read more

    Ellen Avatar

    We brought Roxy in on the recommendation of our vet who said the Dr. Lin was the best for cranial cruciate ligament repair. We know it as ACL in humans. After evaluation and a very clear explanation of... read more

    Robert Avatar

    The entire staff is friendly and helpful. Dr. Fuentes is an amazing vet. I feel very confident that my dog is in good hands.

    julissa Avatar
  • At 1 A.M. in the morning we had to rush our dog that was gagging and in convulsions to our Vet in Key Largo.They were able to stabilize her and identify fluid around her heart and lungs.They recommended we get... read more

    scott Avatar

    Very good experience. Took my dog for a scan and they had the results immediately. Dr. Carro contacted me with the results the next day.

    Marta Avatar

    5 star ratingJust left here after a bite incident, given the current conditions with the ongoing pandemic the staff handled it very well. We were pretty sure our dog was ok but wanted to make sure he didn't have a more serious... read more

    Jeffrey Avatar
  • Our Maltese was badly injured by another dog. She was cared for really well by the staff of skilled and compassionate doctors and techs and we felt she was in excellent hands. While ultimately she succumbed to her... read more

    Allison Avatar

    I am so grateful to the ER vet, internist Dr. Fuentes, the nurses and vet techs who took care of my dog, Tulip. She was watched and cared for around the clock and I received daily updates from Dr. Fuentes,... read more

    Lidia Avatar

    4 star ratingI had to take my golden doodle here after he was bitten by a pitbull in Miami. I was a bit skeptical at first however they took great care of my dog. They were quick and very understanding. They also... read more

    Andie Avatar
  • We have had to take 2 different cats here when they were in need of emergency care. This place is second to none in doing everything they can to save your pet. If cost is of no concern and you... read more

    James Avatar

    5 star ratingJanuary 5th was possibly the worst day of my life! My one year old boy pug got attacked by a dog that managed to rip his eye out! After running from hospital to hospital in homestead with no luck as... read more

    Ailemis Avatar

    Unfortunately I have needed to take my French bulldog to this hospital on a few occasions within the past two years. The staff is fabulous! The doctors are caring, knowledgeable and have helped my baby to recover. The front desk... read more

    Jamie Avatar
  • Unfortunately, our dog has had several health scares. Each time that we have taken her to Southeast Veterinary Referral, she has been treated with the highest-level of care. The staff is not only extremely competent, but also very caring and... read more

    Jackie Avatar

    Dr. Brown and Dr. Fuentes saved my dog Leo's life. I cannot thank all of the doctors, caregivers and techs enough at Southeast Veterinary Referral Center. I am forever grateful.

    Meg Avatar

    Our 17 year old Dachshund became immobilized all of a sudden and we had to make the difficult decision to say goodbye to him. The staff and vet at this pet hospital was incredibly sensitive, affectionate & efficient. ... read more

    Minette Avatar
  • Southeast Veterinary saved my Noodle!! Not only are the doctors knowledgable and skilled, but they genuinely care about their furry patients and speak to you with kindness, patience and understanding. Dr. Daubs is especially amazing. He was so patient with... read more

    Julissa Avatar

    Very kind and caring clinic,who are considerate of your financial situation. My cat has a history of urinary blockage, he almost died the first time. Since my clinic was closed at that time I took him here. After answering a... read more

    Ana Avatar

    4 star ratingThis is where I took my cat Suzy for her ear surgery. Staff friendly, and valet parking! Who knew?

    Nancy Avatar