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We treat all kinds of pet emergencies and have the ability to offer all levels of care.

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Our goal is to provide the very best in advanced diagnostics and pet care for your dog or cat.

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  • My 7 month old Golden Retriever puppy had chewed up and swallowed an entire bottle of Pepcid (antacid); she immediately received attention and care. I couldn’t ask for a better response. It ended up that she didn’t need to have… read more

    Tessie Avatar


    These folks are wonderful! One of our pooches has been here twice for surgery…one planned and one emergency. Our fur baby received excellent specialized care and we are so grateful to have them within easy driving distance. Specialized and emergency… read more

    Judith Avatar


    My experience is limited to Dr. Lin (surgeon). She is the best; most compassionate; most skilled; smartest; honest; wonderful surgeon with gentle manner, I have ever dealt with. She speaks the truth. I sincerely believe that she won’t operate unless… read more

    gerald Avatar


  • June 10, 2019 – Fat Cat jumped off bed and injured leg, yowled for 2 hrs., So we located this Center. it was 2 a.m. when we arrived. They were prompt, kind and courteous. They took x-rays and showed… read more

    Brian Avatar


    My experience here was very positive. I first came because of my cat Max, he was in much need of help. He was blocked my veterinarian sent me here since he was not able to see Max out of office… read more

    Maritza Avatar


    I never knew all of the specialists were in one location. I brought my english bulldog here with an emergency because she was having trouble breathing. The ER doctors were able to help her and we now have a follow… read more

    Melissa Avatar


  • Was sent here after another emergency vet made me think my bulldog was going to die. The staff here including tech Shevonne and Dr. Brown were AMAZING and made eased all my worries. The fact that this clinic has every… read more

    Melissa Avatar


    The staff at SVRC took great care of my dog Rocky when he was sick. They treated him as if he were their own dog, which made me feel especially comfortable leaving him there. Dr Carro and her technicians, especially… read more

    Eliana Avatar


    Very Loving Staff. This Staff and Vet Came After Closing Hours To Help My Chihuahua overcome a major injury. This Is Pure and Unadulterated Love For Humans and Our Beloved Pets. Clearly This Practice is among the… read more

    Joe Avatar


  • We were so lucky enough to find The Pet Emergency Room and Dr. Daubs. Our White Shepard Zeus has had major hip and knee problems since he has been a puppy and no other doctors wanted to take on his… read more

    Lissette Avatar


    No one ever wants to bring their pet in for surgery, but I’m so glad I brought my dog here. She tore her MCL on the other side and Dr. Lin sat with us and told us all of the… read more

    ashley Avatar


    Two months after losing her litter mate (Tankie) Browns needed a splenectomy/exploratory surgery. We were all grieving. Despite the circumstances we felt at ease leaving our girl in Dr Lin’s care with her wonderful team. We were given 2 estimates… read more

    lynn Avatar


  • Good doctors that know what they’re doing and won’t rip you off. Specialty hospital during the day, so your friend will always have the best care.

    Evelyn Avatar


    The saddest day of our lives to date was made better by the friendly, compassionate, and professional overnight staff.

    Jeff Avatar


    I was there with my cat who was in really bad shape for a condition he had for 4 years and they took care of him instantly and made all efforts to keep him stable. Unfortunately there was not much… read more

    Dachel Avatar


  • Great pet hospital the customer service is great and the professionalism is amazing.

    Miguel Avatar


    5 star ratingMy Great Dane needed surgery and Dr. Lin and the staff were excellent.  I had an initial consultation.  I was explained the details of the surgery, recovery time, meds dosage and costs.  The South Miami location care is excellent.  Several… read more

    Marjorie Avatar


    I’m giving 4 stars for the overall experience. And 5 stars specifically for the orthopedic surgeon Dr. Lin who repaired my dog’s torn ACL. My dog has recovered very well and is using her leg today like nothing ever happened…. read more

    Myrcella Avatar


  • Took my pup last night to the emergency room. Turns out he has glaucoma. The doctor and vet techs took great care of him and helped with the pain his eye with some eye drops. Great service here

    samantha Avatar


    Took my pup last night to the emergency room. Turns out he has glaucoma. The doctor and vet techs took great care of him and helped with the pain his eye with some eye drops. Great service here

    samantha Avatar


    excellent emergency care!

    Roanna Avatar


  • Twin girls got two turtles the size of silver dollars 14 years ago – now they’re about 9 inches around (the turtles not the twins) and (of course) I take care of them (again, the turtles not the twins, who… read more

    Peter Avatar


    The staff were wonderful, caring, and very professional with my dog Chicho. I would highly recommend them to anyone! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Itha Avatar


    This was hands down the best experience I have ever had in Florida with any vet! I came in with Simba (my life) he was not feeling well as soon as we walk in all the lovely lady’s in the… read more

    Lisandra Avatar


  • I took my dog Snickers to SVR about 2 years ago after a suspicion of cushing’s disease. His doctor was Dr. R. Fuentes and I always asked for Caitlin as his nurse. I can not thank these two magnificent… read more

    Zenayda Avatar


    so kind and professional, even in the worst of times.

    Cwa Avatar


    I was referred here by my reg vet to see Dr. Lind. I’ve only been here once so far and it was a pretty good experience. The wait time was not that long and the vet and staff were friendly…. read more

    Myrcella Avatar


  • We have to the pet emergency room a handful of times (our two puppies always seem to get into trouble in the middle of the night) and our experience has been great. The staff is friendly, patient, and knowledgeable… read more

    Rebecca Avatar


    They only met my Blue one day for an emergency and unfortunately the last day of his life but on those opportunities they were kind and understand what I was feeling.

    Carlos Avatar


    Dr. Thomas and her staff are excellent and have always been. This is my 2nd dog with them so I have known them for over 15 years. Dr. Thomas has diagnosed both my dogs, hitting the nail on… read more

    Marielena Avatar