After 10 years of providing South Florida with the best emergency and specialty care, we want to share some exciting news. We are expanding the Hospital to provide increased comfort and more efficient service. Our plans call for more than doubling the size of the Hospital over the next 12 months. During the construction phase the hospital will continue to operate normally. All the Specialists will continue to see patients as scheduled. The Hospital will continue to remain open 24/7/365 [...]

As a pet-owner, additional precautions are needed when developing your family's hurricane preparedness plan.  If you must evacuate, do not leave your animals behind. Evacuate them to a prearranged safe location if they cannot stay with you during the evacuation period. Early planning and preparation will make the Hurricane Season experience safer for all in your family. Here are general tips when preparing your "Pet Plan" for this hurricane season. Contact your veterinarian or local humane society for additional information [...]

Dr.Brain Daubs, DVM, DACVS Surgery

The Doctors and staff at SVRC/The Pet Emergency Room would like to welcome Dr. Brian Daubs to our team.  Dr. Brian Daubs, a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary surgeons, was raised in the Midwest and received his doctorate in veterinary medicine at the University of Minnesota. He has been involved in numerous research projects over the years involving osteoarthritis, pain management, bone allografts, humeral fractures, liver disease, hemoabdomens, and urinary stones.  Aside from his affiliation with the American College [...]

Dr. Hanna Saenz

The Doctors and staff at SVRC/The Pet Emergency Room would like to welcome Dr. Hanna Saenz to our team. Dr. Hannah Saenz graduated from Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine in May 2014. Passionate about the variety in veterinary medicine, she completed several externships and internships that expanded her knowledge in both domestic and exotic animals at renowned locations such as the Memphis Zoo, San Diego Zoo, Living Desert Zoo, and Sydney Wildlife World. Her hobbies include knitting, quilting, [...]