Veterinary Assistants (T2)

Veterinary assistants handle several important aspects of the work at our practice – including but not limited to animal care and treatment, customer service, and hospital cleanliness. A veterinary assistant supports technicians in treatment, surgery and ICU as needed. They also support veterinary technicians with animal restraint, housekeeping, client communication, and treatments. They communicate with clients in person and by phone for follow-up care and patient monitoring. More typically, though, they will divide their time between assisting the technicians, helping doctors with physical examinations, dispensing medications, and helping veterinary technicians position patients for and process radiographs, prepare patients for surgery, provide nursing and comfort care, and perform treatments or basic laboratory diagnostic tests.

Veterinary assistants must build positive, professional relationships with clients and staff members. Assistants should have completed their high school diplomas, some college preferred and must pursue significant on-the-job training.

This position requires a High school diploma or equivalent, formal or on-the-job training in veterinary technology at a minimum. To success at SVRC/The Pet Emergency Room, a veterinary assistant must have the ability and willingness to assist technicians, doctors and receptionists, be able and willing to cross train in lab, triage, ICU, surgery and reception; and be an effective communicator.