COVID-19 Emergency Visits

Vet Miami COVID Protocol

Instructions for Emergency Visits

Dear Clients:

Your health, the health of your pet and the health of our staff is our priority. We want to continue providing specialty services and emergencies services for as long as we can by providing a safe environment for all. We have implemented new procedures to minimize the spread-of this “invisible enemy” based on CDC and government recommendations and to make your pets emergency as safe to you and to us as possible.

Please read this document in its entirety: It details the procedures to follow so we can take care of your pets’ emergency.


  • If your pet has a life-threatening emergency (for example seizures, suspect poisoning or toxicity, allergic reactions, hit by car, respiratory distress), please call us ASAP. We will need critical information over the phone to expedite your triage once you arrive to the hospital. Critical information includes: the cell phone of the person bringing the pet, your name and pets name and age, your email and the main problem, in addition to the color and make of your car.  Park in front of the building to unload your critically ill pet. One of our technicians will take your pet to the ICU for immediate attention.  We ask that you please (1) wear a mask; (2) step out of the car and hand your pet to our nurse technician, and then (3) MOVE your car to our parking lot to complete this registration.  Our staff and doctors will call you to discuss findings, treatment recommendations and next steps.
  • If your pet has a non-life-threatening emergency, please call us once you arrive to the parking area. Stay in the vehicle.  Once of our nurse technicians will call you once we are ready to see your pet.  Phone 305-666-4142.  Be patient.  While in your car, please complete a registration form and have all the necessary information ready to expedite the intake and limit your contact with our staff.  You will be either be handed a registration form to fill in, or you can go to our website and fill a registration form, or if our receptionists are available, we may register you and your pet over the phone.



What we need:

  1. If you have been to this hospital before – with this pet or other pet (s)

Pet information: Please give us the name of the owner or owners, as well and the name of the pet and we will be able to pull the records available in our system. We need to confirm information regarding age, sex, and your contact information.  Your cell phone will be the primary mode of communication with you.  Please make sure you let the nurse know which number you are calling from.  If you have any medical records, please email them to svrc@svrcflorida.com. Records in paper- take a picture and also send to that email.

  1. If this is your first time at our facility

Registration – We need you to fill a registration form in the methods outline above. We need all your records including radiographs from all veterinarian that you have visited for the problem you are coming here for, if you have them in an email form – please forward to svrc@svrcflorida.com.  If you have them on paper- please take a picture and email, otherwise give to the nurse attendant.

  1. If you brought in your pet to be euthanized, you still need to fill out a registration form. If you want to be with your pet through the euthanasia, we will bring you to a room as soon as we can. Know that all rooms will be disinfected prior to you coming in and after your leave. We encourage you to wear a mask or bandana to cover your nose and mouth. We are limited on these but will try to provide if requested.


We want to limit any exchanges of credit cards and paperwork, during this time. Therefore, we request you let us know the form of payment.  We accept all major credit cards, Care Credit and ScratchPay. We will accept cash as the last resort but we will follow the protocol below for cash payments.

  • Credit cards:

If we have your credit card authorization on file, we will proceed to check you out at the end of your pets’ visit and then send you a copy of your invoice/receipt by email.

If we don’t have your credit card authorization on file – We will charge your invoice through the credit card machine and the receptionists or nurse will bring terminal to car for you to sign. We will email you the invoice.

  • Care credit:

If you select to pay with CareCredit- Please use their online payment portal to submit payment. If you want to apply for this financing services you need to do so at CareCredit.com. Once approved, please provide that information to our receptionists. If you can’t apply on your phone, call to have the receptionists assist you.

  • Scratch Pay:

If you already are approved for this payment service, you need to notify the name of individual approved. We will process the invoice for the procedure and send you a copy of the invoice by email at the end of the appointment.

If you want to apply for this services-you will need to do so on line now- by going on line at ScratchPay.com

  • Cash:

If you choose to pay by cash, a technician will bring an envelop for you to place the cash payment, once the final invoice is ready. After counting the cash payment inside, the envelop will be brought back to you with your change and receipt.

  • PayPal:

You may also pay via our payment portal.  We use PayPal. The receptionist will send you the estimate and invoice by text or email for you to submit payment via the payment portal. Please note that it may take some time for payment to be registered and receipt to be available in our system.


  • Discharge instructions will be emailed to you after your visit. Please read them as soon as you receive them. If there are any questions, contact us via email or phone.
  • Receipts and copy of invoices will be sent to you via the email that you register in our system.
  • In some cases, invoicing may require 2 transactions – one after the estimate is approved and one at the end of the visit. Refunds will so be process by the form of original payment.
  • If you don’t receive your invoice, call to confirm the email on file.
  • If you need to use our restrooms, we have a client designated restroom that is disinfected multiple times throughout the day. Please let the receptionist or technician know, so we can arrange for you to enter our facility and use of the rest room.


On behalf of SVRC, our Doctors and Staff, we thank you for embracing the changes we are making so that we may care for your pets and do our part in trying to keep everyone healthy and safe.