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Give the Gift of Life – Donate Blood

The Pet Emergency Room is always on the lookout for “new donors” — dogs and cats, that is.  Founded in 2007, The Pet Emergency Room is a 24-hr veterinary emergency hospital with over 20-years of combined intensive care emergency veterinary services.  Our goal is to provide the very best in advanced diagnostics and pet care for your dog or cat. We are affiliated with Southeast Veterinary Referral Center which enhances the care we provide by involving specialists in the treatment of your loved ones.

Each year, thousands of animal’s lives are saved with the use of blood products. Blood component therapy is commonly used for traumatic injuries, parasitic and immune-related disease, for surgical procedures and many other life-threatening problems. As our patient-load grows, our need for quality blood products grows as well.  This Holiday Season, consider becoming a blood donor and help us save pet’s lives.

How you and your pet can help?

Your healthy dog or cat has the opportunity to save lives. If your pet meets the requirements and you are interested in participating in this life-saving program, we will set up a screening appointment for your pet. At the time of screening, your cat or dog will be given a physical exam by one of our staff veterinarians. A small amount of blood will be drawn by our Blood Donor Program staff for laboratory screening and typing.  After your pet has passed the screening process, the next step is to set up a donation schedule. Each donor may donate six to eight times per year.


Free yearly exam in addition to a full blood work-up that includes:

For dogs: Chem 25, CBC, Heartworm Ag, E. canis IFA titer, Lyme IFA titer, RMSF IFA titer, Babesia canis IFA, Blood type

For cats: Chem 25, CBC, FeLV Ag, FIV Ab, Hemobartonella screen, Toxoplasma IFA titer, FIP titer, Heartwork Ab, Blood type

When your pet donates blood, you receive a credit of $75 at SVRC. You can use this credit towards food, medications, or any other services.


Donor Requirements

Pets must be spayed/neutered.

Dogs must be 9mos- 7 years of age, over 50 lbs, in good health.

Cats must be in-house pets only, 9mos – 7 years of age, over 10 lbs, in good health and FeLV/FIV negative.

All donor patients must be on flea and tick preventative in order to participate.

Animals must be current on vaccinations, heart worm prevention medication and be in good health with a good temperament.



Call The Pet Emergency Room today at (305) 666-4142 for more information and to set-up an appointment to join the Blood Donor Program.


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