Pet Blood Donor Program

Pet Blood Donor Program Miami

Pet Blood Donor Program

Similar to a human blood bank our hospital collects blood from healthy dogs and cats to provide for those who are sick and in need helping to facilitate life saving procedures for area pets. Pets may need a blood transfusion if they have loss their own from active bleeding as a result of a motor vehicle or other trauma, if they have ingested rat poison, suffer from hemophilia, or other bleeding disorders. They can also suffer from severe anemia secondary to intestinal parasites or tick transmitted parasites, or other blood disorders in which the immune system attacks their own red cells or platelets.

Our Program


Yearly free doctor’s exam, yearly blood work including a Complete Blood Count (CBC), serum chemistries, heart worm tests and tick test. Yearly heart worm and intestinal parasite prevention and flea and tick control products are also provided. We also credit your SVRC Hospital account $75 dollars per donation. You can use the credit for veterinary services,  pay your pets bill, or buy medications or food.

What Does Donating Involve?

Blood is collected from volunteer donors. The process takes about 25 minutes or less depending on the amount of blood drawn. The process of drawing the blood in some dogs may involve sedation, in cats we use a short anesthesia. The owner may wait while their pet donates or can drop them off and pick them up later.

Donor Candidates

To be considered as a donor, dogs should have a good temperament, weigh more than 40 pounds, must be between the ages of 1 and 8.
They must have a good health history, and the owners should reside in the area so they can serve as donors. The average donor donates  3-4 times a year but can donate as often as every 6 weeks.  Cats must live strictly indoors, have a good health history and must be between the ages of 1 and 9.

Donor Evaluation Process

Donor candidates are examined by our doctors. The initial screening ensures that the pet is healthy and has a good disposition.
Just as people donate blood to save lives of others, pet owners can have satisfaction knowing that their pet may be able to save the lives of many other pets during their lifetime.

If you have any questions about our program please request an appointment to discuss further details and get all your questions  answered.