Hospitalization Instructions

Pet Hospitalization Instructions Miami Pet Emergency Room



What to expect when your pet is hospitalized at The Pet Emergency Room

We understand how stressful it can be to have a loved one ill or in the hospital. Our goal is to make your pet as comfortable as possible under the care and supervision of our experienced nurses and veterinarians 24 hours a day. The following information will help you understand the process and guide you while your pet is under our care.


  • Your family member is being admitted to our hospital for 24 hour medical and nursing care. Our nurses will present an estimate for the proposed treatment plan for your pet. This is also consent for treatment and must be signed upon admission. The low end of the deposit is required at the time of admission.
  • If your pet is taking medications, please leave them with us or return with them as soon as possible. There is a charge for dispensing medication from our stock.
  • Please let us know if your pet has any special dietary needs. We can provide some special diets but you are welcomed to bring your pet’s diet as long as it is approved by your veterinarian.
  • You may leave a blanket, towel, article of clothing or a toy with your pet. However, we will not be held responsible for any lost items: some items can get soiled and will be washed with the general laundry. Please mark any items left with a permanent marker. Keep your kennels with you. Remember to pick up your pets belongings when your pet leaves the hospital as we usually donate all items not picked up within a week of discharge to charity.
  • Please feel free at any time to ask a SVRC staff member for an update of your estimate or open invoice. It is your responsibility to inform the doctor of constraints that you may have regarding possible charges and payments prior to incurring those obligations.


  • Visiting hours are between 2 am and 9 pm including weekends. One of our nurses will bring you pet to the visiting room for your to spend time with you and other family members. If you need to visit outside of these hours, please inform the attending doctor to see if this can be arranged. We will make every attempt to be flexible, but in some instances due to the nature of emergencies and the number of patients hospitalized, we will need to enforce the visiting hours so we can continue to provide the high quality care we are known for.
  • Please call before coming to the hospital to inform us you are on the way to visit your loved one. This is recommended since we are a 24 hour emergency facility and we may be attending to a critical patient or performing a surgery when you come to visit. In those situations, there may be a long wait to visit with your family member or it may not be possible for us to have a nurse available to take your pet to the visiting room. During visitation, we like to have a nurse available to spend a couple of minutes with you to discuss any changes in your pet’s condition, any results that have been received, and /or any changes in therapy.
  • No family members are permitted in the treatment area unless authorized by the Doctor and escorted by a staff member. Visitation in the treatment area will only be allowed with patients in critical condition which are not able to go into the visiting room.
  • Please limit visits to 30 minutes unless the patient cannot leave the treatment area in which case the visitation will be limited to 15 minutes or less.

Phone Calls

  • You will receive a daily update from the veterinarian caring for your loved one.
  • Please limit your phone calls to twice daily unless the veterinarian on duty requests that you call more frequently.
  • Please do not call for updates between 8-10 am or between 6 pm – 8 pm, as this is the time when the shift changes, the doctors are in rounds, and the technicians are doing treatments.
  • Please designate one family member to call us and relay any information to the other family members accordingly. Please let our staff know who the designated contact is for your family, phone number should be first on the record. Please avoid having multiple family members call throughout the day.
  • If you need more information than the nurse can provide during an update, the attending veterinarians will speak with you. In case the veterinarian is not available because they are attending to patients, the nurse will be glad to relay any questions about your family member to the veterinarian or take a message so that the attending veterinarian can call you back.

We strive to ensure you are constantly updated on your pet’s status and feel comfortable with the care and attention they are receiving at The Pet Emergency Room.

When your pet is ready to go home, the veterinarian will call you and provide you with a medical update. We will set up a discharge appointment (or time frame). During this time, a SVRC/The Pet Emergency Room nurse will give you a thorough update on your pet’s condition and any medications and follow-up care needed. They will answer all of your questions at that time, but you are welcome to call the hospital at any time if you have additional questions. We will also send a copy of your pet’s discharge report and instructions to your primary care veterinarian to aid them in the continuing care of your pet.


Pet Hospitalization Instructions