Preparing for your Visit

At the Southeast Veterinary Referral Center, we bring together compassion, the expertise of highly trained specialists in different fields of veterinary medicine. Together with highly experienced emergency doctors filled with compassion and all the newest technology, to give you and your pet the care that he/she deserves. Please review this information to find out more about how we can help you and your pet, as well as frequently asked questions. You may also find helpful links to additional information you may need. For an inside look at our hospital, please click here.

Scheduling an Appointment

Patients are referred to SVRC and The Pet Emergency Room by their primary care veterinarian. Typically your veterinarian will call or send us information collected on a referral form. The form will give us a brief history and describe your pet’s problem, as well as identify the appropriate specialty department to see your pet. Once your veterinarian has made a referral, please call us at (305) 666-4142 to schedule your appointment. Other times, your primary care veterinarian will send us records by email or have you pick them up after you make the appointment.

Prior to Your Visit

We recommend that you download our new patient form to help expedite your check in process. These forms can be found under the appointment section of our website.

We ask you contact your primary care veterinarian for a copy of your pet’s veterinary records to be sent to us prior to the date of your appointment. Our fax: 305-661-2434 or via email at miamihospital@svrcflorida.com. However, we also recommend you bring a copy as well as a back-up to avoid delays in your appointment. The specialists need all previous records and radiographs from all veterinary offices you have visited in the last year.

Day of Your Initial Visit

Please check in at the reception desk, and sign in sheet. Please let them know that you have arrived for your appointment for the respective specialist.

Please bring all pertinent information with you, including all forms you may have completed, any medical records not previously provided by your veterinarian, and any radiographs you have been provided. Please note that some radiographs cannot be emailed and must be burnt to a CD.

Please continue all medications as previously prescribed and scheduled by your veterinarian. You may also bring those medications with you to your appointment so that we can have a copy of what medications you are currently administering.


We ask that you withhold food from your pet for 10 hours prior to your appointment. This will give us the opportunity to perform potential diagnostics without concern. In cases of young patients, or patients with diabetes or kidney disease, please consult with your veterinarian before withholding food, or feel free to call us for further information. Please do not withhold water; this will not interfere with our ability to perform diagnostics. All recommendations are based on a typical referral. Please disregard if directed otherwise.