Interventional Procedures

Interventional Radiology (IR) is using an imaging modality such as X-Ray, Cat Scan, Fluoroscopy, Cystoscopy and Ultrasound as a tool to gain access to specific anatomic structures for treatment, diagnostic, or therapeutic purposes that once required open surgery. It includes a large number of procedures that have become the norm in human medicine and are becoming available in veterinary medicine as the equipment and training become more affordable and available.

Some of the common procedures performed via IR:

Subcutaneous ureteral bypass (SUBS) – a procedure in which if the pets ureters are block or not functioning well we create a by pass from the kidneys to the abdomen so the pet , usually cats can urinate.

Urethral, rectal and tracheal stenting- placing a stent in this organs to relieve a stricture or narrowing.

Ballooning: to relieve esophageal strictures, nasopharyngeal stenosis, dilation for tracheal stricture or dilation of rectal strictures.

We also can use IR for any other ballooning procedures, urinary diversion, biliary diversion, angiography and, cardiac placement of thromboembolic coils for Patent Ductus Arteriosus, a congenital cardiac anomaly, porto systemic shunts or other shunts.

Often these procedures are minimally invasive and can help us obtain shorter anesthesia, shorted hospital stays, and sometimes better outcomes compared to traditional techniques.

Interventional procedures are performed with small instruments that enter the body through a small nick in the skin or small incision and/ or a minimally invasive technique like cystoscopy that minimizes the risk to your pet.

Our teams work together to provide more advanced and less invasive diagnostic and treatment options with our IR procedures. Often times IR can be used in adjunction with traditional procedures that allow the doctors at SVRC to tailor a specific diagnostic, treatment, and therapeutic plan that best fits your pet’s needs.

As we finish remodeling our hospital and creating more space we will have this technology available to perform some of this procedures.