What is an Ophthalmology Veterinarian?

A veterinary ophthalmologist is a doctor who specializes in diseases that can affect your pet’s eye and vision. A veterinary ophthalmologist is also equipped to diagnose and treat diseases that affect the structures surrounding the eye, such as the eyelids, conjunctiva, and some of the bones of the skull that comprise the eye socket. A veterinary ophthalmologist will combine medical and surgical treatments in order to most effectively treat your pet’s eye problem.

Common reasons for referrals

Glaucoma, cataracts, dry eye, corneal ulcers, eye tumors/cancers, conjunctivitis, feline herpes, and acute blindness.
Clients may describe a painful eye, ocular discharge, red eye, swollen eye, cloudy eye, blood in the eye, dilated pupil, bumping into things, acute loss of vision.

Always be sure to find out how long something has been going on. Many diseases are time sensitive EMERGENCIES and need to be seen ASAP.

Routine surgeries/procedures

This is not inclusive; please ask if not listed.

  • Phacoemulsification (cataract surgery) – artificial intraocular lenses are routinely placed during surgery.
  • Conjunctival grafts/corneal transplant (indicated for several corneal infections)
  • Enucleation (eye removal)
  • Intrascleral prosthesis (“fake” eye)
  • Ciliary body ablation (injection into the eye for glaucoma)
  • Gonioimplant placement (surgery for glaucoma; “glaucoma valve”)
  • “Cherry Eye” replacement (prolapsed gland of the nictitans)
  • Entropion repair (eyelid roll inward)
  • Cryotherapy (freezing of the eyelids for mass or abnormal hair removal)
  • Corneal debridement and grid keratotomy (expedites healing of corneal ulcers)
  • Paratid duct transposition (for dry eye patients; move salivary duct from mouth to eye)
  • CERF or OFA exams (certified ophthalmic exams; commonly for breeders)

Rescue Groups

Must provide tax ID information and be a registered rescue; all rescue pets will receive an initial consult at NO CHARGE. Surgeries and/or ophthalmic professional services will be discounted 25%. No discounts on labs or medications.