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Raquel Fuentes, DVM

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Internal Medicine

Dr. Raquel Fuentes attended the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Wisconsin, in Madison. After becoming a veterinarian she moved to California where she completed both a general and an internal medicine internships. Later on, she continued training in Internal Medicine at Michigan Veterinary Specialists and at Southeast Veterinary Referral Center, where she trained in ultrasound, endoscopy, and management of patients with chronic and critical illnesses.

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Internal Medicine Team

Caitlin Turndorf

IM Veterinary Technician

Victoria Vela

IM Veterinary Technician


Internal Medicine appointments are available 6 days of the week.

Monday – Tuesday
Thursday – Friday
Wednesday, Sunday
Dr. Fuentes
Dr. Carro
Dr. Fuentes/Dr. Carro (alternate Wednesdays, Sundays)

No appointments on Saturday


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New consultations

New appointments usually take 60 to 90 minutes. When a client is referred to an IM Specialist, it is essential that all medical records are available for review prior to the appointment. Medical records include x-rays, blood work, diagnostics, medical notes and the results of any other procedure conducted. The internal medicine specialist takes the time to review all veterinary records for each patient prior to the consultation. This information combined with the initial detailed examination, will help them determined the need for future diagnostics.

What are “medical records”?

All papers, computer records, laboratory tests results including radiography from every veterinarian that the pet has seen since the problem started. If these records are not complete, owners/patient may need to wait until they are faxed at the time of the appointment which could take a while if the receptionists at the referring veterinarians’ hospital are having a busy day.

Why is important to secure medical records prior to appointments?

The specialists need records so they have complete history of the patient and does not repeat testing that has been done recently. To avoid delays during the initial visit or appointment, new clients are encouraged to bring a copy of their pet’s records to the appointment.