Stephanie Johnnides, BSc, DVM, DACVECC

Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care

Dr. Stephanie Johnnides was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Health Science Education from the University of Florida.

She is a graduate of Ross University, School of Veterinary Medicine. After veterinary school, she completed a rotating medical and surgical internship at Long Island Veterinary Specialists in New York. She continued her specialty training by completing a rigorous, 3-year Emergency and Critical Care residency at the Animal Emergency Center in Glendale, Wisconsin. Dr. Johnnides is board certified by the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care.

Dr. Johnnides has completed additional training in extracorporeal modalities at the University of California at Davis Hemodialysis Program. These therapies include dialysis and total plasma exchange (TPE), which ma be utilized to manage patients who fail or are unresponsive to traditional medical management and in cases of severe intoxications.

Dr. Johnnides has spent the last five years working in Hong Kong at the City University Veterinary Medical Centre, the largest veterinary hospital in Asia. She was department Head of the Emergency and Critical Care Departments. The City University VMC is the first veterinary school in Hong Kong. Stephanie has moved back home with her husband, children, and pets to be closer to family.

Some of Stephanie’s special interests include emergency medicine and triage, the management of acute intoxications, post-surgical care including septic peritonitis, and the management of septic shock and extracorporeal therapies.

“As an emergency and critical care specialist, I enjoy working in collaboration with other medical and surgical specialists to provide patients with the most current, evidence-based approach to deliver the best possible outcomes.”

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New consultations

New appointments usually take 60 to 90 minutes. When a client is referred to an IM Specialist, it is essential that all medical records are available for review prior to the appointment. Medical records include x-rays, blood work, diagnostics, medical notes and the results of any other procedure conducted. The internal medicine specialist takes the time to review all veterinary records for each patient prior to the consultation. This information combined with the initial detailed examination, will help them determined the need for future diagnostics.

What are “medical records”?

All papers, computer records, laboratory tests results including radiography from every veterinarian that the pet has seen since the problem started. If these records are not complete, owners/patient may need to wait until they are faxed at the time of the appointment which could take a while if the receptionists at the referring veterinarians’ hospital are having a busy day.

Why is important to secure medical records prior to appointments?

The specialists need records so they have complete history of the patient and does not repeat testing that has been done recently. To avoid delays during the initial visit or appointment, new clients are encouraged to bring a copy of their pet’s records to the appointment.