The Southeast Veterinary Referral Center (SVRC) is comprised of a network of specialists that provide extensive expertise in an array of veterinary specialties including:

SVRC has been serving the South Florida community since 2008 and currently works with over 300 veterinarians in the Greater Miami area to provide specialized veterinary care and address emergencies. As veterinary specialists, we strive to provide the most advanced pet care. For your convenience, we are fully staff and have a bilingual staff, speaking both English and Spanish.

What is a Veterinary Specialist?

Like human medicine, some veterinarians choose to specialize in one particular species, or type of medicine (i.e. dermatology, cardiology or surgery). There are currently over 20 veterinary specialties recognized by the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association). Specialties range from anesthesiology to zoo medicine.

To become a veterinary specialist, one must undergo additional extensive training after graduating from veterinary school. Specialists are required to complete an internship, a rigorous 3 year residency program in an approved university or established specialty veterinary hospital under the direct supervision of other specialists in their selected field. Some specialties require candidates to complete and publish a scientific publication. All specialists are required to pass a credential review and specialty board examinations.

Because of their in-depth training, a veterinary specialist is then able to provide additional insight, skills, conduct specialized tests and procedures, and thus work with your primary care veterinarian to better diagnose and treat your pet’s ailments. Specialty hospitals usually have state-of-the-arts sophisticated diagnostic and treatment equipment, procedures and medications that are not usually available at primary care veterinarians’ offices.

How does one arrange to see a Veterinary Specialist?

SVRC works with your veterinarian to further evaluate, diagnose and treat special conditions that your pet may be suffering. In many cases, your veterinarian will suggest a referral to a specialist if the case is a difficult one.  Your primary care veterinarian can usually guide you to decide which specialist is the most appropriate to diagnose and treat your pet.  Our dedicated staff can assist you in procuring an appointment.