The Southeast Veterinary Referral Center (SVRC) and The Pet Emergency Room were established in 2008. Over the years, our practice has grown to provide a diverse network of veterinary specialty services including anesthesia, acupuncture, cardiology, dermatology, emergency and critical care, internal medicine, pain management, oncology, ophthalmology and surgery. The medical staff at SVRC has over 20 years of expertise in a wide array of specialty and emergency medicine services for dogs, cats, and exotic animals.  For your convenience, we are fully staffed, speaking both English and Spanish.  We offer 24-hour hospitalization, and are proud to provide exceptional veterinary care.

Our emergency staff doctors are carefully selected for their expertise and their in-depth extensive training in emergency medicine.  We require a minimum of 3 years of experience in general and emergency practice, or 2 years that include internship training. Our staff doctors can perform life-saving emergency surgeries.  We also have board certified surgeons available to provide the most comprehensive treatments for our patients.

Your pets will also benefit from a team of dedicated veterinary care professionals with over 10 years of experience in their field.  Their focus is to provide the best veterinary nursing care to our patients and service to our clients. Our ICU nursing team is composed of an ICU nurse, ICU Assistant, Kennel Technicians, Triage Nurse, Lab Technician, ER Technicians and Specialty nurses.


To provide the highest-quality veterinary care to our patients while serving our clients with compassion and professionalism.

Referral Philosophy

SVRC is not associated with a general practice. We work hand in hand with primary care veterinarians in South Florida to ensure the best results for our patients. The specialists at SVRC follow the strictest referral guidelines. After our services are completed, all patients return to the referring veterinarians for follow-up care. We do not provide routine preventive care like vaccines, parasite prevention, etc.

We are very proud of the goodwill we have established in Miami, and look forward to be the preferred specialist center for the primary care veterinarian. SVRC/The Pet Emergency Room adheres to rigid standards of quality medical care. Our animal emergency and specialty hospital are here to serve pets and primary veterinarians who have placed their trust in our skilled emergency doctors and veterinary specialists.


The Southeast Veterinary Referral Center (SVRC) is comprised of a network of specialists that provide extensive expertise in an array of veterinary specialties including: